Daily Monster Report - december 17

Vladimir by Vexillia Name: Vladimir
Creator: Vexillia

This handsome green fellow would make a wonderful addition to any family! And with a name like Vladimir, he's sure to strike fear into the hearts of villains!
Shroomy PoNee by Danielleorama Name: Shroomy PoNee
Creator: Danielleorama

This Po Nee is certainly not to be confused with a regular Pony, he'll unhinge his jaws and devour you whole! But, when he's not busy doing that, he's great for snuggles!
Leetle Yeti by KatieKylie Name: Leetle Yeti
Creator: KatieKylie

I adore the design of this guy! And he has a big brother too! I've been told Yeti's make great throw pillows! (But don't tell them that)
Genrie by CottonMonster Name: Genrie
Creator: CottonMonster

How adorable are the little uneven horns on this guy? I just love it! CottonMonster's method of doing eyes and teeth really stand out from the crowd!
Officer Krupke by Canoo Name: Officer Krupke
Creator: Canoo

Officer Krupke certainly screams "authority" to me! ...or maybe that's insanity. I'm not sure. Either way, I adore him!
Talulla Belle by ShortBusStuffies Name: Talulla Belle
Creator: ShortBusStuffies

What an attractive little monster-girl! I love her wacky teeth and flower on her tummy!
Bill by KarensMonsters Name: Bill
Creator: KarensMonsters

What a unique shape Bill is! I love his odd colored eyes and big blue fins.
Crumm by Bee-delicious (Fenie) Name: Crumm
Creator: Bee-delicious (Fenie)

Crumm is an absolutely adorable little oops monster! How inventive to have the little bone sticking out where his arm should be!


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