Hate to Say it...

But, I think Plush Monster Feed must go on a temporary hiatus.

It takes a LOT of my time to post the Daily Report, and for the next few months I will be working on other projects that will also require a LOT of my time.

It doesn't seem likely that I'll be able to fit all the projects into one day and still get any sleep at all...

I do hope to return, and resume the Daily Report! I'd also like to invest quite a bit of time into new and awesome content at some point in the future.

Until then, thanks for reading the Plush Monster Feed!


posted by Kelli on 8:40 PM

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Sorry about the missing Daily Reports! Plush Monster Feed is recovering from a nasty stomach virus and hopes to return soon! Thanks for your patience -Kelli


posted by Kelli on 6:29 PM

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Daily Report - January 9

clancy by susarto Name: clancy
Creator: susarto

trixie by shortbusstuffies Name: trixie
Creator: shortbusstuffies

Pierre Delaware by chunkychooky Name: Pierre Delaware
Creator: chunkychooky

Monster Prue by JunkerJane Name: Monster Prue
Creator: JunkerJane

Dyson by Danielleorama Name: Dyson
Creator: Danielleorama

Grizelda Anne by Gubfactory Name: Grizelda Anne
Creator: Gubfactory


posted by Kelli on 10:38 AM

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Daily Monster Report - Members Only Edition! - January 8

Li'l Tiny Monster by HappyCloud Name: Li'l Tiny Monster
Creator: HappyCloud

Alan by vexillia Name: Alan
Creator: vexillia

Retro Blooms Bear by lowellandson Name: Retro Blooms Bear
Creator: lowellandson

Cow Plush by gush4plush Name: Cow Plush
Creator: gush4plush

Tulip by danielleorama Name: Tulip
Creator: danielleorama


posted by Kelli on 10:00 AM

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Daily Monster Report - January 7

Fiona Forking Foo ooak by Dingogirl66 Name: Fiona Forking Foo ooak
Creator: Dingogirl66

Wow, I wouldn't want to piss Fiona off! Those are real forks for claws!
Quentin by Scallywogs Name: Quentin
Creator: Scallywogs

Jay P. Bleahr by ninon Name: Jay P. Bleahr
Creator: ninon

I love Jay P. Bleahr's caption bubble! That is such a unique idea! Yeah.

A monster with a black eye is certainly a curiousity! And those teeth!!!
Monster With Many Claws by stephaniehf Name: Monster With Many Claws
Creator: stephaniehf

Antagonist Number One  by youandyourbrother Name: Antagonist Number One
Creator: youandyourbrother

Weeko  by loveandasandwich Name: Weeko
Creator: loveandasandwich


posted by Kelli on 10:00 AM

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Daily Monster Report - January 6

red robot by philbarbato
Name: red robot
Creator: philbarbato

Leon by raspberrystitches Name: Leon
Creator: raspberrystitches

Windy Biscuit by canoo Name: Windy Biscuit
Creator: canoo

Fatty Fists by lcabanerodesigns Name: Fatty Fists
Creator: lcabanerodesigns

LITTLE big foot by JackalopeLOVE Name: LITTLE big foot
Creator: JackalopeLOVE


posted by Kelli on 12:33 AM

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Daily Monster Report - January 2

Sarah by titaniumhip Name: Sarah
Creator: titaniumhip

Poppy by yoborobo Name: Poppy
Creator: yoborobo

Squiggle by StudioSunday Name: Squiggle
Creator: StudioSunday

Brug, the Goblin by happycloud Name: Brug, the Goblin
Creator: happycloud

Vindle by kelligilbert Name: Vindle
Creator: kelligilbert


posted by Kelli on 10:00 AM

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