Daily Monster Report - December 18

Diego by Effunia Name: Diego (reserved)
Creator: Effunia

How awesome are monsters with masks!? And this one is removable! If you want one, you'll have to commission it though, because Diego is reserved!
Gruffy McBearguin by Kaeti6 Name: Gruffy McBearguin
Creator: Kaeti6

Gruffy is an awesome bear...penguin...thing... I love his furry feet!
Tetris by LittleCritters00 Name: Tetris
Creator: LittleCritters00

Tetris may look a bit angry, but I think that's just bravado. His awesome patterns and textures make him a treat to look at!
Bebe by KarensMonsters Name: Bebe
Creator: KarensMonsters

Bebe has such a unique shape and pattern, she would be an excellent companion for a lonely little girl!
Wilber by RueParis Name: Wilber
Creator: RueParis

Look at Wilber's legs! He looks like he could run a mile with those. Good luck finding him!
Eggburt Huff by DayoftheHead Name: Eggburt Huff
Creator: DayoftheHead

What this little guy is missing in body parts, he more than makes up for in color, pattern, and texture! I love his facial expression!
Oogie by Gush4Plush Name: Oogie
Creator: Gush4Plush

I adore Oogie's lips, they look kissably soft! And, with three eyes, he would make an excellent look-out.


posted by Kelli on 10:00 AM



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