Daily Monster Report - December 16

Chance by AdoptanAlien

Name: Chance

Creator: AdoptanAlien

Chance is a beautifully designed alien plush that is currently up for adoption! You don't find many "3D" plush of this quality!

Sad Sack by MintConspiracy

Name: Sad Sack

Creator: MintConspiracy

If I were the same color as Sad Sack, I don't think I'd be so sad! It's such a beautiful green...

Harold by UltraPunch

Name: Harold

Creator: UltraPunch

Harold is hand and machine stitched, I love his embroidered details, and his awesome teeth!

Orange Plaid Girl by MindyandLola

Name: Orange Plaid Girl

Creator: MindyandLola

Plaid Girl certainly is plaid. I love her little flower, it gives her so much character!

Ralph by FunFunkyandFabulous

Name: Ralph

Creator: FunFunkyandFabulous

FunFunkyandFabulous tells me this is her very first plush! What an honor to meet Ralph!

Deputy with Mustache by PterodactylPants

Name: Deputy with Mustache

Creator: PterodactylPants

If I were a man, I would be SO envious of that mustache. I think this Deputy earns his respect!

Bujanga by Happycloud

Name: Bujanga

Creator: Happycloud

Bujanga is one of my favorite monsters from Happycloud yet! If you're thinking about buying him, you'd better hurry up before I do!


posted by Kelli on 9:00 AM



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