Daily Monster Report - December 15

Ennis by JunkerJane Name: Ennis
Creator: JunkerJane

What a stripey monster Ennis is! I love his mis-matched eyes, and little scruff of hair.
Three-eyed Monster by QuiteSweet Name: Three-eyed Monster
Creator: QuiteSweet

This monster has something to say, and it is "What up" which I find hilarious. How adorable are his three different colored eyes? What a great choice!
Li'l Tiny Monster - blue by Happycloud Thunderhead Name: Li'l Tiny Monster - blue
Creator: Happycloud Thunderhead

This little blue guy would make an excellent companion for yesterday's yellow monster by Happycloud. Love those teeth!
Oliver by LauraSusannah Name: Oliver
Creator: LauraSusannah

I absolutely adore Oliver's little face, such great detail! He's made of jersey, and couldn't be cuter.
Tali by KarensMonsters Name: Tali
Creator: KarensMonsters

Tali has an awesome star on his tummy, which makes him SO special that someone already bought him! I love his red eye-circle, it's perfect!
Paulette by JSartist Name: Paulette
Creator: JSartist

Unique patterns are what make Paulette interesting, and many of them! Her face is also very unique and lovable!


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