Daily Monster Report - december 13

Agnus - OllieGee Name: Agnus
Creator: OllieGee

Agnus is an art doll made of hand-painted batik fabric. I like Agnus's big eyes, and creepy yet cute stitched mouth.
Shnard by Fenie Name: Shnard
Creator: Fenie (Bee-delicious)

Shnard is an "Ooops" monster, which means he's had some terrible accident and now requires your care! I really love the concept, and it's very well executed!
Norm by Yoborobo Name: Norm
Creator: Yoborobo

I really adore Norm's unique shape! And, his eyes have a lot of character. I'll be surprised if someone doesn't snap up this little guy very fast.
Levino Levine - Ninon Name: Levino Levine
Creator: Ninon

I just love this big plush! Apparently, I'm not the only one, because as of this posting it's already been sold! But still, we can all admire the beauty of Levino Levine!
Melon Downy-Uffington by Hardyharhar Name: Melon Downy-Uffington
Creator: Hardyharhar

This is one seriously detailed scrap monster! I adore the stars on her elbows and knees, and she's so very colorful! There's a lot going for this monster; more than just her encyclopedic knowledge of egg dishes!
Cafe Latte Monster Kitty by LowellandSon Name: Cafe Latte Kitty
Creator: LowellandSon

How cute is this kitty cat? Your answer should most definitely be ADORABLE. I love the blue eyes on this Siamese-colored kitty!
Monster Alien by minelolly Name: Monster Alien
Creator: Minelolly

This vibrant green monster is totally rockin' in my opinion. How often do you find a monster in his pajamas!? I love his one eye, and horns.
Mitch by dkoss2 Name: Mitch
Creator: DKoss2 (Diane Koss)

This especially furry monster has the BEST horns, because they come with a little birdy perched on one! I love the color choice here, it's fabulous!
Lil Sucka by Dredoll Name: Lil Sucka
Creator: Dredoll

I'm loving the mixed media and heavy-handed stitching used in this scary looking plush. There's a little vinyl in there, and some sharp looking teeth! I wouldn't want to cuddle this one, but I would definitely like to have him on my plush-shelf!


posted by Kelli on 8:57 PM



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