Daily Monster Report - December 12

Francesco - JSartist Name: Francesco
Creator: JSartist

Francesco is just an adorable little robber-monster! He belongs to a group called "The Robber Animals" and is such a thief! If you're lucky enough to bring him home with you, you'd better keep a close eye on him!
Sockmonster - iamsunshine Name: Sock Monster
Creator: iamsunshine

This un-named sock monster is the perfect toy for a baby, or a grown up! I love the antenna! Definitely a nice design.
Monster Ponster - mariken Name: Monster Ponster
Creator: Mariken

What a lovely shade of green this little guy is! I'd love to see him sitting on my plush monster shelf any day. Of course, he's a bit of a mystery because we only get to see his face! I guess if you want to see what he looks like, you'll just have to buy him!
Linnea - vexillia Name: Linnea
Creator: Vexillia

Linnea is a lovely little sock-monster that, apparently, doesn't like scaring people - making her the disappointment of her entire family...

I don't know about you, but I would love for Linnea to join my family!

Link to Vexillia's blog!
Blossom - vexillia Name: Blossom
Creator: Vexillia

Blossom is another sock monster by Vexillia, and is a late bloomer. She would be perfect for that little one in your family that can identify!

Link to Vexillia's blog!
Milton - jamiesheba Name: Milton
Creator: Jamiesheba

Milton looks SO soft, I just want to squish him! (but I'll try to restrain myself) I love his giant green eye, and ric-rac mouth!


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