Daily Monster Report - December 14

Hector Brown by Youandyourbrother Name: Hector brown
Creator: youandyourbrother

Hector in brown has some truly beautiful and intricate hand-embroidery. I love his tail and the color choices!
Raymond by teamsleep Name: Raymond
Creator: Teamsleep

This large-sized plush looks calm, cool, and collected. He's great for protecting children while they sleep!
Trillipa by Vexillia Name: Trillipa
Creator: Vexillia

Look at cute little Trillipa! I love her colors and stripes... she would make an excellent stocking stuffer!
Li'l Tiny Monster by HappyCloud Name: Unnamed Li'l Tiny Monster
Creator: Happycloud Thunderhead

I've been in love with Happycloud's monsters for some time now, and this li'l tiny monster is no exception! I love his very unique eyes and patterned back!
Gronspel by GetIntimidnated Name: Gronspel the Worry Wart
Creator: Get Intimidnated

Gronspel is very interesting because he is permanently pulling on his own tongue! A nervous habit, it would seem.
Tiger by Gush4plush Name: Tiger
Creator: Gush4Plush

A very business-like monster, suitable for the workplace with his fancy little tie. I'm sure no on will mind that he has three eyes!


posted by Kelli on 5:38 PM



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