My Monstrous Intentions and Goals

First off, I feel I should introduce myself. So, Hi! I'm Kelli! And I really love plush monsters! I like making them, drawing them, looking at them, buying them, cuddling them, and sharing them! I think someday plush shall rule the world, and we should prepare to meet our soft and fluffy overlords as soon as possible. One evening not long ago, I was browsing the intertubes and got to thinking. "Gee," I said (because I say gee! all the time) "I spend so much time browsing for new monsters, I wish there was a single place where I could see everything instead of having to check a million and one blogs and websites!" Then, a little light bulb went on over my head, and I decided that there was no reason me and my monsters couldn't undertake the task of creating such a place. Plush Monster Feed was born the next actually....and I've only just begun! I've got a long way to go, but with the help of a few good friends, and a few good monsters I think it can be a great success! So, cheers to the beginning of a wonderful new journey for me! And, cheers to you for actually reading this!


posted by Kelli on 4:05 PM



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