Daily Monster Report - December 30

Welcome back from the Holidays! I hope everyone had plenty of rest and relaxation. Today marks the return of the Daily Report! Enjoy.

Hollander by dollsforfriends Name: Hollander
Creator: dollsforfriends

Mettle by adoptacritter Name: Mettle
Creator: adoptacritter

talbert by trishans Name: talbert
Creator: trishans

Cosmonaut by pterodactylpants Name: Cosmonaut
Creator: Pterodactylpants

Penelope Pig by danielleorama Name: Penelope Pig
Creator: Danielleorama

Fruzzle by fenie Name: Fruzzle
Creator: Fenie

Dark Gray Monster Bear by LowellandSon Name: Dark Gray Monster Bear
Creator: LowellandSon


posted by Kelli on 1:43 AM



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