Daily Monster Report - December 19

Garvy by Danielleorama Name: Garvy
Creator: Danielleorama

Garvy the Beaverling is so adorable! How cute are those eyes!? Check out his etsy listing to see his cute beaver tail!
Impy by PreciousPlushy Name: Impy
Creator: PreciousPlushy

Impy is beautifully designed, with gorgeous proportions! I love his face, and cute ears.
Grenna-Hatty by Pomly Name: Grenna-Hatty
Creator: Pomly

Grenna-Hatty is one of three party-hat spirits! He would be a great addition to any party-inclined household!
Clyde by LittleMexi Name: Clyde
Creator: LittleMexi

What I like about Clyde is his varied and many textures. And his cute little heart!
Fleece Doggy by Cuddlet Name: Fleece Doggy
Creator: Cuddlet

I love this little plush doggie! Orange and Blue go SO well together, in my opinion.


posted by Kelli on 9:00 AM



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